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Civil War Timeline and significant Civil War Events

1854 Anti-Slavery notherners found the Republican Party
1855 The Kansas-Nebraska Act allows incoming settlers to decide to be a slave state or a free state
1859 John Brown attempts to incite a slave uprising at Harper’s Ferry, is later executed for treason against the state of Virginia
1860 November 6 –Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln wins the presidential election in the electoral college but lacks a majority of the popular vote (1.9 million out of 4.7 million votes cast) signaling a divided nation

The Monitor and the Merrimac

Even in 1862 the Battle of Hampton Roads was recognized as a turning point in history: “Thus terminated the most remarkable naval combat of modern times, perhaps of any age. The fiercest and most formidable naval assault upon the power of the Union which has ever been made by the insurgents was heroically repelled, and a new era was opened in the history of maritime warfare.” 1